SLE4442 White Blank card Printable used for prepaid

SLE4442 White Blank card Printable used for prepaid
SLE4442 White Blank card Printable used for prepaid
SLE4442 White Blank card Printable used for prepaid

Product Details:

  • Brand:csm branch
  • Serial Number: SLE4442
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong
  • Certificate:ISO7816

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:$0.2-$0.4/Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 500
  • Average Delivery Time:<10k within 10 days
  • Payment Method:T/T,Western Union,Paypal
  • Package Details:100pcs /box,2000/carton
  • Ability to Supply:100000 units per day
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SLE4442 card Overview

4442 card is 256 byte encryption card, including data reading, data writing, data protection and password operations;

SLE4442 white card from CSMTECH
SLE4442 white blank card


medical insurance card, telephone card, Internet bar card, electronic door lock card, water and electricity meter control card, game mall card, shopping mall card, store value consumption card, etc

Electronic performance:

Block 256 x 8 EEPROM
Byte direct addressing
Low address 32 bytes data set the write protection bit to be unrecoverable
32-bit protection bit
Indicates the end of a data write operation
Reset response according to 7816-3
Byte erasure then write time: standard value 25ms
Minimum 10000 write erase cycles
Data retention period: 10 years

SLE4442 White card with 2T HiCO magstripe from csmtech
SLE4442 White blank card with 2Track HiCO Magstripe  from CSMTECH

Confidentiality features:

A three-byte user password.
Before the password is checked correctly, all data can only be read and cannot be rewritten.
After checking the correct password, you can change the data, including the password.
Error counter, the initial value is 3, the password check error once, then minus 1, if the counter value is 0, the card automatically locked, the data can only be read, can not be changed or password check;If the value is not zero, the password can be restored to the initial value 3 once the password is correct.
Each byte of the write protection zone (the first 32 bytes) can be individually write protected. After write protection, the content cannot be changed (that is, solidified data).

sle4442 card package


1. Excluding 32 bytes of the write protection zone, the programmer can operate only 224 bytes. The write protection zone has only one write opportunity and is generally not used.
2. After the password is changed, the password takes effect only after the card is powered off.
3. The password is 3 bytes (24 bits). The initial password is 255255255, which is converted to hexadecimal FFFFFF.
The chip commonly used in the market is SLE4442 of Siemens, and FM4442 of Fudan is also used in China
Production process:
1.4442 Chipcard layout can be designed according to materials provided by the customer, or design draft can be provided by the customer.
2. Each 4442 chip card can be sprayed with a different number, PIN code or text.
3.4442 Chip cards can be printed on one or both sides, using silk screen printing or offset printing (CMYK four-colour printing).
4. Gold or silver iron on the 4442 chip card.
5.4442 The standard size of the chip card is 85.5mm x 54mm
5. Because the card printing carrier is not the same, so the printed finished product and computer display or print out the color draft will have a certain color difference.

SLE4442 white card SLE4442 Contact IC card SLE4442 White blank card


1) Material: laser PVC, PET, Colorful PVC;

2) Thickness: regular thickness is 0.84mm ±0.02mm. We can  make reach 0.92mm

3) Card numbering: DOD UV, Laser engraving,inkjet printing,emboss;

4)Others: Signature, foil gold/silver;

5) Card surface: Glossy, Matte, frosted;



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