PVC card magnetic card barcode card metal card

PVC card magnetic card barcode card metal card

PVC card overview

PVC card is made of polyvinyl chloride resin, and its English name: Poly (VinylChloride),which is light, heat-insulating, heat-insulating, moisture-proof, flame-retardant and easy to construct.Usually the color is white. It can be printed on the surface, after high temperature and high pressure lamination, and then punched into a bank card size card, can be used as business card, magnetic stripe card, barcode card, scratch card, transparent card, portrait card, work card, each Kind of membership card, loyalty card, stored value card, etc., for the sake of beauty, you can also add crafts on the surface: hot stamping, hot silver, hot laser gold or laser silver. Or print UV spot, different surface effects, there are smooth, matte and frost finish.

pvc card

PVC card Parameters

Size: 85*54*0.76mm

Material: PVC

Temperature: -20~+80°C

Printing: white card, cmyk printing, silk screen printing, etc.

Surface effect: smooth, matte, matte finish

Optional crafts: magnetic strip, barcode, signature strip, card number (convex code, laser engraving, coding, UV coding), hot stamping, hot silver,and so on.

pvc vip card

PVC card Advantages

Waterproof and moisture proof


Not easily deformed


Low cost


PVC card application:

Education industry: library membership card, borrowing card, access card, student card, etc.

Consumer industry: business card, supermarket member loyalty card, delivery card, stored value card, discount card, etc.

Financial industry: bank queuing cards, supply and marketing agency stored value cards, bank cards, etc.


Regular PVC card types:

Item No.

Card Type

Regular card Model


PVC printing card

ISO Standard PVC card,business card,non-standard iso size PVC card,...


Magnetic card

Hico magnetic card,Loco magnetic card,300oe magnetic card,650oe magnetic card,2750oe magnetic card,...


Barcode card

Code 39 barcode card,EAN13 barcode card, EAN8 barcode card,EAN128 barcode card,QR code card,...


Transparent PVC card

Frosted card, clearpvc card,..


Metal card

Metal gold card,metal silver card, metal black card,Rose gold metal card,...


Epoxy card

Eoxy+pvc material,also with rfid chip.


Laser PVC card

Laser pvc materic card


Brush card,Hidden magnetic stripe card,...

Brush PVC material ,new crafts Hidden magnetic stripe card


  1. PVC printing card

Various of shape,size for choice,usually use for business card or membership card or others.

pvc card

  1. magnetic card

Lowest cost of storage card,usually used for medical card, supermarket rewards card, membership card, fitness card,hotel key card ,access control card ,ticket card or others.

  1. Barcode card

One Easy read type card,usually used for library card, cosmetic discount card, gift card,pharmacy card,etc.

barcode card

  1. Transparent PVC card

 For individual and special design - transparent PVC material,you can select partial  or whole card transparent. Used for Loyal card,business card and so on.

transparent card

  1. Metal card

Metal card’s material is metal not PVC. There are gold,silver,rosegold,black,blue,green and so on.

On the surface,we can silkscreen or offset CMYK printing,The border can be hollowed out.

Card number also can be done with flat printing,engraving,emboss.

Kinds of shapes for choice.

metal card

  1. Epoxy card

New craft card arrive.--Eoxy card,transparent, waterproof and wearable, compact, widely used in community access control.

  1. Laser PVC card

There are gold laser pvc and silver laser pvc as common. The laser gold and silver of the material are seen from all angles. It is very high grade. The LV membership card is made of this material. The produce process is same as Common PVC material,just material is different.

  1. Brush card & Hidden magnetic stripe card

Brush card usually has gold or silver color. Just can silkscreen printing. One or 2 side of card use this material. Optional crafts can be same as common PVC card. Cartier membership card uses this material. It’s popular as same as laser PVC card.

Hidden magnetic card,you can’t see the magnetic stripe by your eyes. So it can be store information and safety.It’s very popular in Japan. Used for medicare card ,hospital card,etc.

vip card

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