Paper Calling cards custom printing Chinese manufacturer

Paper Calling cards custom printing Chinese manufacturer
Paper Calling cards custom printing Chinese manufacturer
Paper Calling cards custom printing Chinese manufacturer

Product Details:

  • Brand:csm branch
  • Serial Number: paper card
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong
  • Certificate:ISO7810

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:$0.009-0.03USD/Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 5000
  • Average Delivery Time:<10k within 12 days/ Negotiable
  • Payment Method:T/T,Western Union,Paypal
  • Package Details:200pcs /box,2000/carton
  • Ability to Supply:500000 units per day
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Paper Calling cards overview

Material: Coated paper

Printing: offset printing ,CMYK

Dimension: 86x54mm  

Thickness: 300g

Application: calling card

Crafts: inkjet printing card card number , batch number, password,scratch;

Package: 500pcs/box, or put into a single pp bag.

Processing customized: Yes

Customizable: printing, thickness, size

paper calling cards

The production line of equipment is fully intelligent  

Our company has advanced production equipment, including Heidelberg printing machine in Germany, HP inkjet system in the United States, domestic automatic high-speed and semi-automatic low-speed packaging machine, Hong Kong Darga coating equipment production lines, Japan Minolta new AccurioJet KM-1 inkjet printing equipment, the new intelligent production line is still in the upgrade.  


Strong production capacity  

, which is based on the cash production equipment, by strict enterprise management as the basis, has reached the quantity must scratch CARDS and smart CARDS, the basic capacity of production tasks, issued can satisfy many customers bring more efficient product delivery to our customers, help customers in the economic benefits, achieve the pace of cooperation both high-speed development.  


Strict management of data confidentiality  

Fully closed independent production environment, the most professional data management system, no dead Angle hd monitoring system, truly do not send out the production process, no subcontracting, to ensure that only the factory independently complete all production links, effectively achieve "no loss of a card, leak a data".  


The whole service is the most professional  

Perfect position elite team, professional product explanation and guidance, rich industry production experience, rigorous order review and confirmation, funny work group mode service, timely problem handling and reply.  Make your product data more secure, product quality more guaranteed, let you more worry about kasima cooperation, cooperation ability more confident.  

 phone card

About material selection:  

300g paper card material moderate hardness, environmental degradation 300g paper card as a scratch card disposable characteristics, cost-effective.  There are many customers to choose from;  By default, the paper card of this thickness is selected for phone recharge calling card.  


400g paper card material is relatively solid, environmental degradation, high quality, slightly higher cost.  


PVC material has a strong hardness, high aesthetic degree, durable time, according to the need, can do 0.45mm,0.6mm,0.76mm and other customized thickness recharge card;  

Besides paper calling card, we also produce various industries of paper card, scratch cards.

For example:

Communication industry, oil industry, e-commerce industry, gift industry, food industry, fruit industry, grain and oil industry, beverage industry, education industry, film and television industry, game industry, dairy industry, household appliances industry, watch industry, tobacco industry, etc  

gas prepaid cardother scratch card

China Paper Calling cards supplier,

Cheap cost Paper Calling cards printing factory,

Factory direct Paper Calling cards printing for phone card


A example of calling card back side design:

How to use Calling Card

1) Dial, Access Number

2)Enter PIN Number Press#

3) For North America and Caribbean Dial: 1+ Area Code+ Phone Number+ #

4) For International Call Dial: 011+Country Code+City Code+Phone Number+#

How to Setup xxx App

1) Scan QR code with your camera.



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