SmartCOS Cpu Chip Card

SmartCOS Cpu Chip Card

SmartCOS CPU  Chip CardSmartCOS CPU Chip Card Overview

SmartCOS Cpu Chip Card also named CPU Card. It is highest security card.As a secure storage medium for sensitive data and key information, the security of the smart card depends on the chip itself in the card. The smart card operating system is mainly used to control data transmission, memory management and information processing. The smart card operating system is an important factor in the smart card environment. CSM Tech can provide a variety of common and standard multi-function smart card operating systems. Currently, it has the national financial PBOC2.0, construction business department, transportation department and other related COS qualification certification.

According to the size of the CPU Smart Card’s capacity, there are usually 8KB, 16KB, 32KB, 64KB, 36KB, 40KB, 80KB, 128K, etc.Generally, the package form of SmartCOS Cpu Chip card has contact type, contactless type and dual interface.



SmartCOS CPU Card

Dimension:       86×54mm

Thickness:        0.84-0.9mm

Material:         PVC/PET/PETG/ABS

Surface finish:     Glossy/Matte/Frosted

Color:           Blank or printing

Printing:         CMYK printing,silkscreen printing,Indigo printing,...

Optional crafts: Signature pannel,emboss, uv printing,barcode,magnetic stripe,punch hole,non-standard size,paper material,gold/silver foiled,etc.



Contactless CPU Card

Contact CPU Card




Work frequency



Data Rate



Read and Write distance



Operating temperature




ISO/IEC14443Type A


Read/write Cycles



Retention Time

10 years


Single DES,Triple DES,RSA,ECC,...

If you need CPU Blank Card,Cpu PKI Card ,Cpu Sim Card sample to test,kindly contact with us, We can provide the good idea and tech solution to save the cost.

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According to the application, our CPU card types are as follows:

  1. SmartCOS - Fuel filling Card (Petro & Sinopec)
  2. SmartCOS PSAM Card
  3. SmartCOS -Communication Card(Sim Card)
  4. SmartCos-Financial PBOC card
  5. SmartCOS- PKI card
  6. SmartCOS-Esam


Besides above CPU cards or SOP Esam,our java card,jcop card and dual interface card are most popular.


SmartCOS CPU Chip card Applications

● Public transportation: bus card, BST card, highway pass

● Identification: ID card, citizen card,residence permit

●Security: Financial prepayment,

●Consumer industry: gas station, electrical industry, supermarket member chain

● Education: campus card, water card, card

● Security access control: large entry and exit tickets, advanced conference entry card


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