JCOP21 36K original Java chip card custom printing program

JCOP21 36K original Java chip card custom printing program
JCOP21 36K original Java chip card custom printing program
JCOP21 36K original Java chip card custom printing program

Product Details:

  • Brand:csm branch
  • Serial Number: jcop21 36k
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong
  • Certificate:ISO7816

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:$0.8~$2.0,Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 100
  • Average Delivery Time:<10000 within 10 days
  • Payment Method:T/T,Western Union,Paypal
  • Package Details:200/box,2000/3000pcs per carton,or demand
  • Ability to Supply:30000 units per day
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Jcop21 36k Overview

JCOP21-36K JAVA based smart card,36K EEPROM With 2 or 3 track HiCo mag stripe

JCOP IS AN IBM implementation of the RSA JCOP V2.3.1,T=1 and Global Platform 2.1.1 basic specifications including refinements from Visa International set in the Visa Open Platform Card implementation Guides.This card is often used as an banking card by the big banks around the world.

All necessary clarifications from ISO7816 and EMV 2000 are also incorporated into the implementation where so required.

ATR value can be custom.

All cards are actived if you need.

Jcop21 36k cards
Jcop21 36k java cards


PVC                  (Optionals:PET/ABS/PETG/Transparent PVC,etc)



 [or customzied]



[0.8mm/0.86mm/0.9mm,or customzied]


White blank,Offset printing,silk screen printing,digital printing,spot color printing/metalic silver & gold printing,UV printing,etc

Surface finish

Glossy/Matte/Frosted     or customzied

Working Temp.


Chip Type

Jcop 21 36K



ISO Protocol


Available Crafts

Signature panel,QR code,Barcode,magnetic stripe, ID hole,hologram,DOD uv Printing,Emboss,Laser engraving,watermark ,gold/silver foiled,ink jet printing, stratch off, combine,etc.

Key feather

-JCOP version: JCOP V2.3.1

Interface: Contact

Protocol: ISO7816


- ISO 7816,T=0,T=1 (Communication speed,kbit/s): 223.2


- Available EEPROM Options KBytes : 36 KB

- ROM (free for Applets, up to KBytes) : 65

- APDU Buffer (RAM/Bytes) :261


- Java Card Version: V2.2.1

- VGP CIR :2.1.1

-Global Platform:2.0.1

- SCP Secure Channel Protocol: SCP 01, SCP02


-DES/TDES [bit]: 56/112/168

 -RSA[bit]: 2432

 - SEED[bit]: 128

 - SHA: SHA-1


-Random Number Generation: Yes

- RSA Key Generation: Yes


  • Hot sales of Jcop21 36k Card type

1# JCOP21 36K blank white card for printable with 2Track Hico magnetic stripe

2#jcop21 36K blank white card with 3Tack Hico magnetic stripe

3#Jcop21 36k Pearl card with 2Track Hico magnetic stripe

4#Jcop21 36k  silver card with 2Track Hico magnetic stripe

5#Jcop21 36k gold card with 2track Hico magnetic stripe

6# Jcop21 36k Printing card...

jcop21 cards front

jcop21 36k back

  • JCOP21 36K cards Applications

JCOP – The Core of Your Application
Java Card Operating System provided by one of the leading Smart Card IC vendors. Field proven Global Platform / Java Card used world-wide for Banking, Mobile Transactions, Secure Identity (e.g.: ePassports, National ID Cards, Digital Signature Applications, Health Cards, Driving License), Transportation and various other applications.
 Unique Platform Design: Use one JCOP version to address all market segments and applications independent of the form factor (e.g. cards, mobile phones, tokens) and certification requirements (e.g. CC, EMV, FIPS).

 Cost and execution performance optimized solutions based on CMOS14,CMOS090 and CMOS040 secure SmartMX technology.
 Highest security and certification standards: CC EAL 5+/6+ (VAN5), EMVCo Platform, CAST (MasterCard), RISK (VISA) and FIPS.
 Applet solutions for Banking, Mobile Transactions and Secure Identity with certified Applets in ROM. Additionally NXP offers service to ‘ROMize’ customer Applets.

Applet Information
1) All JCOP products offer the possibility of ROM mask customization with Applets
provided by the customer for high volume projects.
2) Generic JCOP products are delivered by NXP without Applets in ROM,EEPROM or FLASH.
– These products can be customized by downloading Applets to the EEPROM or FLASH by the customer to adopt them for any application / market.
3) NXP offers a market tailored range of products with Applets included in ROM mask
– The specific applets offered by NXP are shown in the Product Portfolio sections of this roadmap.
– Products including NXP provided applets are approved according to corresponding approval processes (e.g.: BAC, EAC, SAC, VISA and MCW).
– Additional customer applets can be added into the EEPROM or FLASH.


Free active java chip card jcop21 36 Model smart card,100% original jcop21 36k memory contact card for custom printable,CR80 credit card size jcop 21  36KB EEPROM card.

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