ESAM widely used for various embedded terminals for data sec

ESAM widely used for various embedded terminals for data sec
ESAM widely used for various embedded terminals for data sec

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  • Certificate:ISO7816

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ESAM Module Overview

ESAM module,The rapid development of computer technology and the Internet has brought tremendous changes to the human lifestyle. Information technology has brought convenience and speed to people, but it has also brought many security risks. More and more information, systems and equipment need to be safe. Technology, security equipment protection, facing the huge market demand, ESAM security control module came into being. ESAM's security features determine its wide range of applications. ESAM modules can be used in areas where data security is required for security, encryption, authentication, anti-counterfeiting, etc. ESAM can be used to help protect your property and interests. You identify your identity, identify the authenticity, help your system and devices operate safely, and help your software or device prevent plagiarism and piracy, becoming your data protection god.

ESAM (Embedded Secure Access Module) embedded security control module, using a dedicated smart card chip module package, the operating system uses the SmartCOS embedded security operating system of the independent intellectual property rights of the company, in addition to anti-detection, anti-attack, self-destruction, etc. In addition to hardware features, it also has secure file key management, perfect security mechanism, unique computing functions, etc. The main application mode of ESAM is embedded in dedicated or general-purpose devices to complete data encryption and decryption, two-way identity authentication, Access control, communication line protection, temporary key export, software copyright protection, data file storage and many other functions.


ESAM  key feature:

1. In line with ISO7816-1/2/3/4 international standards;

2, support for hierarchical file structure, suitable for multi-card requirements;

3, support binary, fixed length records, variable length records, circular records and other file types;

4, a variety of 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k byte EEPROM capacity selection:;

5, data retention time is greater than 10 years, EEPROM erasure times more than 500,000 times

6. Support standard DES and triple DES algorithms, and automatically select algorithms based on key length

7, with clear text plus MAC, ciphertext, ciphertext plus MAC three ways of data and key line protection

8, with the function of a secure encryption module

esam package

 ESAM Module Application

The ESAM module can be applied to:

   · Smart card table (electric meter, water meter, gas meter, heat meter)

   · Communication transmission equipment (encrypted MODEM, encryption multiplexer, fax machine)

   · Tax control equipment (taxi meter, tanker, cash register)

   · Transportation management (parking meter, car charging terminal)

   · Financial terminal (encrypted password keyboard, financial POS machine, payment cipher, bank password box)

   · Cable TV condition acceptance (STB set-top box, PC stock receiving card, plus descrambling terminal)

   · Product anti-counterfeiting (software property rights protection, OEM integrated circuit production control)

   · Other

The company can provide the lowest level of interface data and ESAM module communication protocols and typical application and interface circuit schematics for product development.

esam coffee

ESAM ( embedded security access module ) is essentially a CPU card chip packaged in DIP or SOP chip. It was originally used in the IC card meter as a wallet, storing recharge and consumption amount, and other important parameters, and has an identification function. Two-way authentication with an external graphics card. And through the increase of terminal security, it is considered that the data storage is securely stored, the data is encrypted and decrypted, the terminal identity is recognized and authenticated, the copyright protection of embedded software, DRM digital copyright management, etc. Features.


ESAM widely used for various embedded terminals for data security storage,

ESAM used in gas,water,fuel meter equipment,

Custom ESAM



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