Dual Interface Cpu Card

Dual Interface Cpu Card

Dual Interface Cpu CardDual interface Cpu Card Overview

Dual interface Cpu card is a single-chip based integrated circuit card that integrates contact and contactless interfaces. It has two operation interfaces. The access to the chip can be contacted by contacts or separated by a certain distance. , access the chip by radio frequency. At present, based on production technology and packaging difficulty, only a few smart card companies can mass-produce, representing the industry's leading edge. So far, dual-interface CPU cards have been widely used in the financial & transportation field.

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Dual interface Cpu card’s advantages

Dual Interface Cpu card supports multiple applications and has the advantages of high security, fast transaction and good compatibility:

1. A card can be integrated into multiple different applications, multiple industries, multiple applications, and simultaneous card issuance.

2. The application is flexible and convenient. According to different application conditions and requirements, it can optionally adopt contact or non-contact transaction mode to reduce operating costs. It is fully compatible with traditional contact devices and can be directly used on it.

3. Applicable to the trial environment with large transaction volume, short trading time and no waiting process during the transaction process;

4. It is suitable for harsh working environment and self-service consumption places, and has anti-destruction and anti-interference ability;

5. Applicable to systems with high security requirements, can be used as financial e-wallet applications;

6. Card anti-collision mechanism, allowing multiple cards to enter the trading area at the same time;


Dual Interface  Card basic parameters

Dimension:       86×54mm

Thickness:        0.88-0.9mm

Material:         PVC/PET/PETG/ABS

Surface finish:     Glossy/Matte/Frosted

Color:           Blank or printing

Printing:         CMYK printing,silkscreen printing,Indigo printing,...

Optional crafts: Signature pannel,emboss, uv printing,barcode,magnetic stripe,punch hole,paper material,gold/silver foiled,etc.

Key Feather:

   · Fully compliant with China Financial IC IC Card Specification

   · Supports both contact and non-contact communication functions, and both contact and non-contact interfaces share all resources of the card, including microprocessor, operating system, storage space, etc.

   · The card has an anti-collision mechanism that allows multiple cards to enter the trading area at the same time

   · Support one card multi-application, each application is independent of each other (multi-application, firewall function)

   · Comply with ISO14443TypeA standard

   · Support Single DES, Triple DES algorithm

   · Contact interface supports multiple rate selection

   · Support multiple file types: including binary files, fixed-length record files, variable-length record files, loop files, wallet files.

   · Support e-wallet, electronic passbook function

   · Support multiple security access methods and permissions (authentication and password protection)

   · Support ISO7816-3 T=0 (character transfer) communication protocol


Dual interface Cpu card Applications

● Electronic Toll Collection (ETC Card ) Card

● Identification: ID card, citizen card,residence permit

●Security: Financial prepayment,

●Port pass Card

● Security access control

Eastern Airlines ID Card, Jiangsu ETC card,....

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