Small java chip card 128kb dual interface java chip card

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  • Brand:csm branch
  • Serial Number: D-128kb
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong
  • Certificate:ISO7816 &ISO14443A

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  • Price Quote:$0.8~$1.8,Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1000
  • Average Delivery Time:<10000 within 8days
  • Payment Method:T/T,Western Union,Paypal
  • Package Details:100/200 pcs/box,2000/3000/4000pcs per ctn
  • Ability to Supply:800000 units per week
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128KB small java chip card with dual interface Overview

128kb dual interface java chip card, large capacity to meet a variety of ID cards, driver cards, payment functions, financial cards and other advanced security chip cards, not only can provide java platform, meet gp standards, very popular in Foreign customers have high requirements on card capacity, small chip size, multiple use of one card, and low cost. The best-selling one is our white card only for contact type, plus with 2T Hico black or silver magnetic strip. Or customized. Small size chip java card is good for nano sim card.

small java chip card

Small java chip card Parameter




85.5*54mm, credit card size




Dual interface card

Chip Type



128K byte


ISO7816 & ISO14443A

Working temp.



Gas station




Printing logo,uv printing,signature pannel,laser engraving,material:ABS,PET,with 300oe,650oe,2750oe magnetic stripe ,QR code,etc.


Quick order of small java chip card




 ►White blank   ►pearl card   ►Silver  £Gold




►contact card            ►Dual interface card


►T=0                   ►T=1

Magnetic stripe color

►black    ►silver

Magnetic stripe tracks

►2Tracks    ►3Tracks    

Magnetic stripe

►300oe   ►2750oe

ATR value

Default or ►demand :xxxxxxx?


Please note to us


128kb dual interface



32-bit ARMSC000

System clock: internal clock: maximum 30MHz (supports frequency division)

External clock: 1MHz~5MHz



Communication Interface


Contact ISO/IEC 7816

T=0, T=1

Support PPS negotiation

Support multi-level rate (up to 97 rate)


Non-contact ISO/IEC 14443 Type A&B

  Support multi-level rate (up to 848Kbps)

Mifare Classic (1KB/4KB available)


Electrical characteristics


Working voltage: 1.62V~5.5V

Maximum current: less than 5mA @ (5V &5MHz)

Sleep current: less than 200uA @ (5V & 1MHz)

Working temperature: -25 ° C ~ +85 ° C

ESD: contact type is greater than 4000V

ESD: Non-contact type is greater than 6000V




ROM: 320KB


More than 300,000 EEPROM erasures

EEPROM data retention time of more than 20 years



4KB algorithm dedicated RAM



Security algorithm

International algorithm:

Symmetric algorithm: DES, 3DES, AES

Hash algorithm: SHA1

Asymmetric algorithm: RSA (2048bits), ECC (512bit)

Domestic algorithm:

Symmetric algorithm: SSF33, SM1, SM4

Hash algorithm: SM3

Asymmetric algorithm: SM2


Safety features


Hardware true random number generator, encryption and decryption coprocessor

Memory access control unit, encryption and decryption design, data verification

Active shield, active fuse security mechanism


OS & Global Platform

Java version:v2.2.2





dual interface

Introduction of dual interface card

Dual interface card (also known as combination card/dual port card) is a multi-function card that combines both contact and non-contact interface communication. It combines the convenience of contactless IC card with the safety and reliability of contact IC card. The integration makes it an excellent carrier for multiple cards, representing the main development direction of future IC cards. The dual interface card is not only suitable for occasions such as urban public transportation, road tolls and electronic wallets, but also meets the needs of financial services and e-commerce that are more concerned about safety and reliability. It has become another competitive hotspot in the card market.


Dual interface card's advantage

One card for multiple usage

The card supports multiple applications: one card can integrate multiple different applications, multiple industries, multiple applications and simultaneous card issuance. The application is flexible and convenient. According to different application conditions and requirements, it can optionally adopt contact or non-contact transaction mode to reduce operating costs. It is applicable to the trial environment with large transaction volume, short trading time and no waiting process during the transaction process; Applicable to harsh working environment and self-service consumption places, strong anti-destruction and anti-interference ability; suitable for systems with high security requirements, can be used as financial e-wallet application; card anti-collision mechanism, allowing multiple cards to enter the transaction area at the same time; Traditional contact devices are fully compatible and can be used directly on them

Highly secure

Chip security: The chip with random data generator can prevent physical and logical attacks. The program code COS in the chip can not be reproduced once written; each chip has a unique factory code. OS security: Supports singleDES and TripleDES algorithms: Automatically selects singleDES or TripleDES algorithm based on key length; supports line encryption and protection to prevent traffic data from being illegally stolen or tampered; multiple key types support different ways of using keys . Transmission security: Data transmission in non-contact mode follows the relevant transmission protocol. After encryption by card and machine, the data will not be leaked even if it is intercepted.

Fast Trading

The chip contains DES operation accelerator, which can quickly complete algorithms such as SingleDES and TripleDES. The operation time of one TripleDES is 130 microseconds; when contactless communication, the communication transmission rate is 106KBPS; the communication speed of the contact part can be adjusted, and the communication speed can reach 38400bps.

Good compatibility

It complies with the requirements of China Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specification; it conforms to Type A in ISO14443 standard, and the later dual-interface card based on Siemens chip supports Type A or Type B. At present, the tools that support Mifare-I card reading and writing can easily read and write the Mifare-Pro type TimeCOS/DI that supports Type A only by software upgrade.

Dual interface CPU card packaging process description

As a new technology, the dual interface CPU card has its special requirements for card packaging. There are two main packaging processes currently in use: lamination and injection molding. Compared with the ordinary contact card, the dual interface card adds a set of antennas, and also increases the difficulty of the card packaging process. At present, there are certain problems in using the dual interface card packaging process: the antenna is a non-contact type chip and a reading and writing machine. The medium for energy transfer and communication is generally in the package. The contact between the antenna and the chip is connected by conductive rubber. Due to the problem of process and conductive rubber, the connection between the antenna and the contacts of some cards is unstable, often There will be a situation where the non-contact interface cannot work normally after the package is completed or used for a period of time. In the application test, the proportion of the card non-contact interface that cannot work normally due to the packaging problem accounts for the vast majority of the card failure rate. However, some German manufacturers use some flexible conductive adhesives for packaging, and the reliability is also very good, and this situation will not occur. At present, domestic enterprises have not mastered this technology. In addition, the company has adopted a unique packaging process in the package of the dual interface card, that is, the automatic wire picking and soldering package, the antenna and the chip are firmly welded together by soldering, and the antenna and the contact of the dual interface card are solved. The connection problem makes the connection between the antenna and the contact more reliable and reliable, and the cost is lower. Due to the application of this technology, the package yield of the dual interface card and the failure of the non-contact interface in use have become great. cut back.

6pin small java chip card for program performance. Small java chip jcop card.

Compatible with nxp jcop card small chip size java card.


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