What is the difference between ETC technology and license plate recognition technology?

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In fact, many people think the problem is too simple. It is easy to scan the license plate directly, but it is not as reliable and easy to use as current ETC technology.

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Think about it: why can mobile support use QR code to complete the payment medium?Because the dynamic two-dimensional code has the "unique".License plate is not a unique identification medium, is ETC has the evasion fee, if the license plate recognition, how much human and material resources to increase risk control.
One, recently just studied a license plate recognition model, I do an explanation from the technical point of view
We should know that the license plate recognition algorithm based on machine learning cannot achieve 100% recognition accuracy even on the images that can be clearly recognized by human eyes, and the recognition accuracy will be further reduced if the low-quality pictures taken under bad weather.
However, ETC transmits data through microwave communication. Under the condition that there are no bugs in the normal system of the equipment, there will be no false identification results that may appear in the license plate recognition scheme.Therefore, the reliability of ETC is much higher than that of license plate recognition scheme.
If you think about it, the number of vehicles that can be parked in a parking lot at the same time is not in the same order of magnitude as the number of vehicles that can be running on the freeway at the same time. When you exit from a parking lot, the probability of misidentifying another vehicle that just happened to be in the parking lot is much lower than in a freeway scenario.
It can be seen that even if the license plate recognition scheme with less reliability is used in the parking lot, the probability of misdeduction will be very low, and the complexity of manual review after the error is lower than that of the highway scene.
Therefore, the requirements for the reliability of the scheme will be much higher on the highway than on the parking lot, which should be the core reason why the license plate recognition scheme is not used on the highway.
Two, in-depth to talk about, why the license plate recognition technology accuracy is low?
According to the truth, the license plate recognition is now the basic configuration of each parking lot, but in the process of using the license plate recognition system, often encounter the phenomenon that the license plate recognition camera can not identify the vehicle, what is the reason for this problem?

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In fact, this can be divided into "system internal factors" and "environment external factors" to look at.
1. From the perspective of internal factors of the system
A. The instability or death chance of the vehicle detector directly affects the license plate recognition rate, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the ground sensing coil tries to feed back to the lane industrial computer and recognizer. The fault characteristics of the vehicle detector are mainly reflected in the "whole plate recognition" and "communication failure", which also affects the whole license plate recognition rate.
B. The unstable network connection will also affect the license plate reader and the process of transmission and storage of the results. The characteristics of the failure are as follows: consecutive multiple vehicle license plate recognition error or communication failure.
C, the license plate reader built-in software is the main factor affecting the license plate recognition rate, human can identify the license plate background color and license plate number, but the license plate recognition software can not identify, this is the reason for the lack of light in the image, which requires the license plate recognition needs to be more accurate and intelligent.
2. From the perspective of environmental and external factors
A. Weather reasons: when the license plate recognition camera is used outdoors, too strong light will lead to the reflection of the license plate, and the recognition rate will be reduced. Besides, auxiliary lighting is needed at night due to lack of lighting.Second, in the case of heavy rain, snow and other weather, the license plate equipment rate will be slightly lower than usual.
B. Influence of vehicle speed: the license plate recognition camera selects one of the continuously played pictures as the output picture, and then selects different frames as the recognition picture, so as to achieve the video recognition effect. When the vehicle speed is too fast, it is easy to lose frames and fail to recognize them.
C, artificial occlusion: if someone intentionally occludes the license plate, it will cause unrecognizable.
D. Shooting Angle: If the license plate recognizer is used for a long time, the position deviation will be caused by vehicle scraping or ordinary cleaning, and the recognition rate of the snap will also be affected.

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III. There are several reasons why payment for license plate recognition is difficult to replace ETC
1. It is difficult to guarantee the safety of license plate recognition technology
ETC techniques is, in fact, through the license plate number, the OBU equipment is small box, and high-speed access card, validation can be paid at the same time, it improves security, and license plate recognition technology, only the license plate recognition, encounter deck car, change the license plate number, it is easy to appear the charges for the escape.
2. It is difficult for license plate recognition technology to solve the problem of interprovincial payment

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ETC collects the vehicle's trajectory and distributes the fees to the corresponding high-speed companies in each province.The use of license plate recognition technology means a fee is charged each time the provinces cross the border, making it difficult for the provinces to distribute toll revenue.
In short, although ETC technology is not the highest high-tech, it is the most suitable technical solution for high-speed non-parking fees. Of course, the future electronic license plate may be the real development direction, such as highway tolls, parking fees, fuel and even maintenance, may be paid directly through electronic license plate in the future.

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