magnetic card reader & writer for full 3 Track programmable

magnetic card reader & writer for full 3 Track programmable
magnetic card reader & writer for full 3 Track programmable

Product Details:

  • Brand:csm branch
  • Serial Number: csm900
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong
  • Certificate:ISO7810,ISO7811CE,ROHS

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:$147~$188,Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1
  • Average Delivery Time:<100 within 8days
  • Payment Method:T/T,Western Union,Paypal
  • Package Details:1unit/box,10/30/40 per ctn
  • Ability to Supply:5000 units per week
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Magnetic card reader & writer -CSM900 Overview

Magnetic card reader & writer is most popular in our card reader devices.3 tracks of magnetic stripe can be read and written, so we also name 3 tracks magnetic card reader & writer.Welcome to use CSM series magnetic card read and write, it is the company research and development of magnetic card read-write equipment series products. It is an intelligent, programmable magnetic card read and write device.It is widely used in the banking system, fiscal system, safety management system, member management system and related applications. 

Magnetic card reader & writer

Magnetic card reader & writer Features

  • Compatible with instructions:100% compatible with MSR206 instruction set.
  • Easy&convenience:The built-in battery without external power supply, do not need to install the driver.
  • Read-write functions:For high/low magnetic stripe (300-4000 OE) all three rail to read and write function.
  • Read- write format:Support ISO, AAMVA DMV custom and so on the many kinds of magnetic recording format, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Blind read function : Reading card/deposit book which can realize the different standard of the blind to read.
  • Stability :Applicability, the machine is stable and reliable, error rate < 0.5
  • Working life:1 million times life read/write head
  • Protocol commands:Simple file command protocol instructions, speaking, reading and writing
  • Systems:Supports Windows 98 / XP/WISTA/Windows 7 / , to provide convenient DLL secondary development.

Technical Specification


Power supply


Build-in Battery Capacity












Body material









Operation temperature

-10℃ ~ 55 ℃

Operating humidity

10%~85%  relative humidity

Storage temperature


Store humidity

10%~90% relative humidity



1/2/3 tracks

Recording density

1、3 track


2 track

75/210BPI optional

Coercive force

Read/Write 300-4000 oe Mag card

Operating speed


Read speed


Write speed


Card thickness

PVC 0.76±0.08mm

Error rate

Read < 0.5%、Writer < 0.8%

Head life

About 1,000,000 times

Safety approval



magnetic card reader details

Hico Loco Magnetic card reader&writer -CSM900 advantages:

1. The number of card readings is large. The magnetic head of the magnetic stripe reader adopts high-quality materials and the number of reading and writing reaches 1 million times. The general market readers, only 500,000 times of reading and writing will be damaged.

2. The read head design is humanized. Manually swiping the card, the reading head is smooth, and the scratch on the card is greatly reduced.

3. The correct rate of reading and writing is high. After reading and writing the content multiple times, the correct rate is high, and there is almost no data reading due to the problem of the card reader.

4. Easy to connect and operate. Since the card reader takes power and the connection port is the same as the USB port, each computer can be connected. After the driver and the program are installed, the card can be written and conveniently carried. Such as read-only operation, simpler, read data directly in txt text or program.

5. Multi-track reading and writing equipment. This is a full 3-track reader that the company has introduced. The first, second, and third tracks can be read individually or in combination.

6. Accept OEM, custom printed logo.

Usb ISO7811 magnetic card reader & writer is smart.


Magnetic card reader & writer principle

Magnetic card reader & writer is composed of a physical casing, which is fixed with a magnetic head, and some are equipped with an electromagnet (called a degaussing device), as well as a codec circuit, an indicator light and the like.

Card reading process: the program issues a card reading signal, the head is energized, the signal is amplified, the signal is recorded when the magnetic card is over, stored, and then re-constructed, and then sent to the computer for confirmation. If the confirmation is met, the signal is passed and output, otherwise the error is re-brushed. .


The card writing process: the program issues a write card signal, and then the amplifier is energized after the amplifier is energized, and the magnetic head is energized. When the magnetic card is brushed, the content is first deleted by the degaussing device, and then the content is written by the magnetic head.

Hico Loco magnetic card  reader & writer Application

The magnetic card is easy to use, cheap in cost and widely used. It can be used to make credit cards, bank cards, passbooks, subway cards, bus cards, ticket cards, telephone cards, electronic game cards, tickets, air tickets and various transportation fee cards.

Magnetic stripe reader

Magnetic card reader & writer

A device that works with a magnetic card is called a magnetic card reading and writing device. The product names are: magnetic stripe reader, magnetic card reader, card reader, etc.

Magnetic card reader & writer can be widely used in various fields such as finance, post and telecommunications, transportation, customs, etc., especially the credit card issuance of the early banking system, the magnetic stripe of the magnetic card and the bank counter.

magnetic card reader & writer application

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