Paper smart label with adhesive sticker wet inlay dry inlay

Paper smart label with adhesive sticker wet inlay dry inlay
Paper smart label with adhesive sticker wet inlay dry inlay
Paper smart label with adhesive sticker wet inlay dry inlay

Product Details:

  • Brand:csm branch
  • Serial Number: paper smart label
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong
  • Certificate:ISO14443A,ISO15693,ISO18000

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:$0.043~$0.29,Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 100
  • Average Delivery Time:<100000 within 6days
  • Payment Method:T/T,Western Union,Paypal
  • Package Details:1000pcs/roll,10000pcs per ctn
  • Ability to Supply:8000 units per hour
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Paper smart Label Overview

Rfid tag (the radio frequency tag) is the physical carrier of the product electronic code (EPC), attached to traceable items, globally circulated and identified and read and written. RFID (radio frequency identification) technology as a key technology to build the "Internet of Things" in recent years Received people's attention. Common and widely rfid tag is dry inly,wet inlay and paper smart label( also named rfid adhesive sticker).

paper smart label

  Rfid adhesive sticker is widely used in apparel and other industries as packaing label.It is a product formed from numerous types of basic materials like paper,thin plastic film or other special materials with adhesive on back and silicon protection paper as backing paper.Because of the adhesive on back,it made the product besides capable of adhered on product packaing,it could also adhered on commodities directly like size sticker on apparels.By choosing of different types of adhesives together with various designs,the adhesive sticker still could have lots of applications.


Rfid tag Applications:

RFID sticker is not only widely used in industries of apparel,footwear,bedding,bag and suitcase,it could also be used as packaging sticker of master cartons for other industries.

Applicating in Library management,Logistics,Asset management,E-ticketing,etc...

Paper smart label advantages:

--Provides various choices of basic sticker materials and adhesiveness gloss paper sticker.

(Also can be art paper sticker,PET sticker and PVC sticker,etc.)

--Provides tailor made sizes of antenna stickers.

--Provides different printed colors and patterns to meet the needs of different customers.

--Provides different contents and encodings according to customers requirements.

--Secure adhesion,high tolerence to heat and moisture,aging slowly.

--Keeping Etching antenna+ Flip chip technical.


Paper smart label technical spec.:

ISO14443A: Mifare S50/Mifare S70/Mifare ultralight/FM1108/DESFire,etc.

ISO15693: I code 2/I code SLI-S/ I code SLI-L/Ti-2K,etc;

ISO18000-6:Alien H3/H4,Impinj M3/NXP XL/NXP HSL,etc...


Enviornmental Parameters:

-- Storage Temp:+15~+25℃,20% RH~45%RH.

--Tolerant Storage Temp:-20 ℃~ +50℃,20% RH~90%RH.

--Tolerant working Temp:-25℃~+ 65℃,20% RH~90%RH.

--Withstand Voltage:≤ 5N/m㎡

--Resistance to bending capacity: ≥ϕ20mm



-By roll/sheet/full sheet

-The diameter of the roll is 3 inch

-1000pcs/roll (or 500pcs/roll)



rfid tag packaging

Dry inlay /wet inlay overview

-Etching Anenna + Adhesive,which is convenient for second processing;

-Providing a variety of size for choice .

-Keeping etching antenna +Flip chip technical.

-Refer to the physical spec,technical spec,environmental parameters,packing for smartlabel.


Our rfid tag used in library

Our library rfid tag label are glued to the books. Each book has a different UID number of rfid tag label, which is not easy to be discovered by the reader, so as to avoid being destroyed. By using electronic label management, the librarian can efficiently manage the return of the book and borrow it. Return to position.

Generally, the electronic labels of library books have 2 kinds of frequencies, high frequency (HF) and ultra high frequency(UHF), high frequency adopts 13.56MHZ nxp i code 2 chip, ISO14443A, self-adhesive paper book label size is common 50 * 50mm, surface It can be printed or made in other sizes.

The other is UHF rfid tag, 860-960MHZ, the UHF rfid tag is used 913MHz in China, UHF rfid tag can read multiple tags at a time, the misreading rate is low, and the reading distance is relatively long. The UHF rfid tag size is 120*10mm, the chip Alien H3 or NXP R6 is widely used. UHF rfid tag accounts for a higher market share because costs are cheaper than high frequencies. Paper smart label is one of common rfid tags ,and our librarly paper smart label is hot sell now. 

hf rfid tag





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