rfid card reader GK230Z USB fast speed read RFID NFC card

rfid card reader GK230Z USB fast speed read RFID  NFC card
rfid card reader GK230Z USB fast speed read RFID  NFC card
rfid card reader GK230Z USB fast speed read RFID  NFC card

Product Details:

  • Brand:csmtech
  • Serial Number: csm230z-LL
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong
  • Certificate:ISO14443A

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:$23~$29 USD/Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1
  • Average Delivery Time:<1k within 10 days/ Negotiable
  • Payment Method:T/T,Western Union,Paypal
  • Package Details:1pcs /box,54/carton
  • Ability to Supply:20000 units per month
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rfid card reader overview

GK230Z-LL is a read-only RFID 13.56mhz card read-only desktop card reader; Reading card response speed, high sensitivity, good quality, USB interface is more popular, in addition, no drive Settings, easy to install, plug in the computer can be used; Output format can be set according to customer needs;

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. In popular terms, RFID card reader is an automatic identification device that can read electronic tag data. According to the different frequency of reading labels, it is divided into low frequency, high frequency and ultra-high frequency card readers. RFID card readers need to be equipped with RFID antennas to read label information.

CSM230Z rfid card reader

rfid card reader application


Mobile payment

Second-generation ID card

Access control attendance

The application of library management system

Family-school connection

Clothing production line and logistics system management and application

Open people management

Hotel door lock management and application

Large conference personnel access system

Fixed assets management system

Medical management

Smart shelf management

Valuables management

Product anti-counterfeiting

rfid smart card reader from csmtech


Material: Plastic

Color: Black

Printing: No. (Customized printing logo,moq:1000units)

Size: 125 x 95x 28 mm

G.W.: 150g/unit

Interface: USB2.0 full speed device(HID), or high speed RS232(9600~115200bps) or PC/SC CCID;

Standard: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A,Type B (optional),ISO15693(optional)

Chip types available: Mifare classic protocols cards, mifare compatible cards, ultralight,ultralight C, T=CL,CPU Card, Ntag213,Ntag215,Ntag216,Mifare plus,DESFire(optional),I CODE2 (optional)

Frequency: 13.56mhz

SAM Card Interface(Up to 2 slots)-Optional:

Standard :ISO/IEC7816 Class B(3V)

Protocol: t=1,T=0;

Smart card read/ write speed: 9600-115200bps;


Built-in Peripherals

Buzzer: Monotone;

LED Status Indicators: 4LED(green and blue);


Operating Conditions

Temperature: -10~60℃

Humidity: 10% to 90%,non-condensing;

  1. Application: payment,access control,…
  2. Supported Operating Systems: Window XP,Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Window 10, Linux, Android4.0 above;

rfid card reader

rfid card reader Output format optional:

10 no. in Decimal(last 4 bytes)

00+8 no. in Decimal (last 3bytes)

17no. in Decimal(7bytes,4 bytes UID left pad 0)

6 no. in Hexadecimal (last 3bytes)

14 no. in Hexadecimal (7 bytes, 4 bytes UID left pad 0)

4 bytes are divided into 2 groups of 2 bytes, each group in converted into 5 no. in Decimal;

8 no. in Decimal (last 3 bytes)

8 no.in Decimal (last 4bytes,Remove high 2 bit)

8 no. in Hexadecimal (last 4 bytes)

00+6 no. in Hexadecimal (last 3 bytes)

16 no. in Hexadecimal (8 bytes,4/7 bytes UID left pad 0)

3 bytes are divided into 1 byte and 2 bytes, converted to 3 no. and 5no. in Decimal;

nfc rfid card reader rfid smart card reader USB smart rfid card reader

Customized different protocol and frequency rfid card reader, 125khz,13.56mhz.


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